One of us and a rope. Magical images of weightlessness.

A rope hangs above an empty stage and stealthily it begins to spin. The motion of the twist grows bigger, until the entire rope wriggles and squirms in the air as if haunted by an invisible force, inviting the performer to the stage.

Surface-brushing movement ties the eye to the rope’s strong fibres. The rising swirl pulls along, grips intertwine tightly and feet take off from the ground. Reflections ripple on surfaces, spilling on spectator’s skin.

“Would this be the new export hit of Finnish contemporary circus? – – Pinta (Surface) is a flawlessly considered and cut diamond, maybe the most exceptional and original performance that I have ever seen with a rope.” Helsingin Sanomat

“Pinta (Surface) is a bull’s eye on an international level. Hakanpää has a deep understanding of her art form, sovereign control of her instrument and first class skill in performing.” Teatteri&Tanssi+Sirkus

“Vertical rope is one of the most typical circus practices. – – Pinta (Surface) is something completely different.” Uutispäivä Demari

Salla Hakanpää

Ville Walo

Tuuli Kyttälä – Sound
Anne Jämsä – Costumes and stage 
Ainu Palmu – Lighting

Teemu Liakka – Filming
Matias Boettge – Editing

Hakanpää+the creative team

40 minutes

Zero Gravity Company
in co-operation with CIRKO – Center for New Circus

30.10.2013 in CIRKO – Center for New Circus, Helsinki, Finland

Other performances
CIRKO – Center for New Circus, Helsinki, Finland (Jan 2014)
Subcase – Nordic Circus Fair, Stockholm, Sweden (Feb 2014)
Black and White Theater festival, Imatra, Finland (Apr 2014)
Teatro A Corte –festival, Turin, Italy (Jul 2014)
Brocante –festival, Frisanco, Italy (Jul 2014)
FutureCircus Festival, Turku, Finland (Jul 2014)
Flow Circus, Oulu, Finland (Aug 2014)
Festival Pisteurs D’Etoiles, Strasbourg, France (May 2015)
New Circus Weekend, Vilnius, Lithuania (Aug 2015)
Circus Tree festival, Tallinn, Estonia (Sep 2015)
CircusFest, London, England (Apr 2016)
Festival Europeénne de Cirques, Toulouse, France (Oct 2017)

Pinta (Surface) is available for touring. Please contact Salla to request the performance’s dossier and more information